All persons who hold the title of professor emerita or professor emeritus in accordance with the statutes of Columbia University as well as retired professors, researchers, and administrators who have participated significantly in academic programs, are eligible to become Fellows of EPIC. EPIC fellowship includes retirees from Barnard College, Teachers College, Jewish Theological Seminary, and Union Theological Seminary. EPIC welcomes all retirees who seek ongoing affiliation with the intellectual life of the university.

Fellows make an annual tax-deductible contribution to the EPIC Gift Fund to support ongoing activities.

$50 Supporting Member
$100 Sustaining Member
$250 Sponsor
$500 Underwriter

There are two ways to join and renew membership, online and by mail.

Join or renew online

You can join or renew securely online. We hope you also wish to make a donation to EPIC’s Endowment, honoring Prof. Robert Belknap, to support the growth of our programs and facilities. 

You can make an Endowment Contribution by selecting "Add Another Gift" and then selecting the EPIC Endowment Fund from the dropdown list.

Click here to make your annual contribution to the EPIC Gifts Fund and your Endowment contribution by credit card. 

You will NOT see a separate membership option -- your contribution to the Gift Fund will be your membership donation.

Please note – online payment is the preferred method of payment – especially during COVID! 

Join or renew by mail

To join or renew by mail, please complete the membership form available here and mail it along with a check payable to Columbia University to:

Columbia University
Emeritus Professors in Columbia (EPIC)
1150 Amsterdam Avenue
Mail Code 9215
New York, NY 10027