Dos and Don’ts for the Graduate Scholar Talks



We want Graduate Scholars to share their passion for their research with EPIC members. While EPIC members are accomplished in their field, many of them are not subject matter experts in the Graduate Scholar’s discipline. Please keep this in mind when preparing a presentation that speaks to a non-specialist audience.

Stay focused on the main theme and key points of your presentation. In a subject you know so well and have studied thoroughly, there might be information you would like to include but that is tangential to the talk.

Feel free to use captivating visual aids that help EPIC members comprehend the thesis and arguments.

Invite audience members to ask questions as you present your material. This will ensure they are following your arguments. 

Relax and enjoy! You are having a conversation among friends.



Avoid reading your presentation. The EPIC audience wants to hear about your research through dynamic conversation. Reading a presentation has less power to engage.

Avoid using technical terms when a commonplace word would convey the same meaning. Slides filled with data should be avoided. Instead, well-designed graphics are preferable.

Avoid having too much text on slides, which distracts an audience. Also avoid reading from your slides.