EPIC Conversations

The EPIC Conversations present distinguished colleagues from the larger EPIC community in conversation with interlocutors who are well acquainted with them and their work. The conversational format is designed for taking a long view, so that interviewees are encouraged to reflect on the whole trajectory of their academic career—and of other aspects of their life and work as well. The EPIC Conversations occur each semester, and have been among the high points of EPIC's activities. 

Fall 2022 EPIC Conversation

Virginia Papaioannou, Professor Emerita from the Department of Genetics and Development at CUMC, in conversation with Rodney Rothstein, December 12, 2023. Event Recording.

Previous EPIC Conversations

The inaugural EPIC Conversation featured Professor Emeritus Victor Navasky in conversation with Professor Emeritus Michael Rosenthal in March 2018. Event Recording.

Alice Kessler-Harris, R. Gordon Hoxie Professor Emerita of American History in Honor of Dwight D. Eisenhower, was featured September 25, 2018. Event Recording.

Ruth Fischbach, Professor Emerita of Bioethics in conversation with EPIC president Jeanne Stellman about ethics and humanism in medicine on March 12, 2019. Event Recording.

Elliott Sclar, Professor Emeritus of Urban Planning engaged in a lively discussion with Rosalie Singerman Ray on September 24, 2019. Event Recording.

Roger Lehecka, a founder of Columbia's Upward Bound Program discussed his fascinating journey and career at Columbia University and the program's impact on students with Frances Pritchett, Professor Emerita, MESA on September 15, 2020: Event Recording.

Peter Strauss, Betts Professor Emeritus of Law had an engaging conversation with Gillian Metzger, the Harlan Fiske Stone Professor of Constitutional Law and now Senior Counsellor in the Department of Justice's Office of Legal Counsel on May 11, 2021. Event Recording.

Andreas Huyssen, Villard Professor Emeritus of German and Comparative Literature was engaged in conversation with Marianne Hirsch, William Peterfield Trent Professor of English and Comparative Literature on September 21, 2021. EPIC Conversation with Andreas Huyssen. 

Allen Hyman, M.D., Professor Emeritus of Anesthesiology, College of Physicians and Surgeons, in conversation with EPIC President Jeanne M. Stellman, October 18, 2022. Event Recording.

Harriet Zuckerman, Professor Emerita of Sociology, in conversation with Dr. Allen Hyman, April 4, 2023. Event Recording.