Tuesday Talk - April 23, 2019

U.N., Multilateralism and the Challenges of International Peace and Security and Development

Speaker: Ambassador Ibrahim Agboola Gambari, CFR

The topic was addressed in the context of Ambassador Gambari's experience as Ambassador/Permanent Representative of Nigeria to the United Nations for a decade and also as Under-Secretary-General in the United Nations especially under the leadership of late Kofi Annan. Ibrahim A. Gambari is the Founder and Chairman of The Savannah Center for Diplomacy, Democracy and Development. He had previously held the positions of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Nigeria, Ambassador/Permanent Representative of Nigeria to the United Nations and served at the United Nations at the level of Under-Secretary General. He is currently Deputy Chairperson of the Panel of Eminent Persons of African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM), a Specialized Agency of the African Union for the promotion of good governance at the political, economic and corporate levels. He was appointed in 2016 by the Commonwealth Secretary General as the Special Envoy to Zambia on Elections and reappointed in 2017 as the Special Envoy for Democratic Stability and Elections 2020. Professor Gambari received his B.SC (Econs) from the London School of Economics (1968), and his MA and PhD in Political Science/International Relations (1970, 1974) are from Columbia University.

Event Recording