Past Event

GST - Tall Tales: State Looks, Black Desire(s), Housing Schemes

February 24, 2021
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

"Tall Tales: State Looks, Black Desire(s), Housing Schemes" 

Speaker: Ife Salema Vanable,  Ph.D. Candidate, Architecture, Planning and Preservation, Columbia University 

Tall Tales operates at a critical intersection of historical analysis, theoretical speculation, and a close reading of language and rhetoric as a way to interrogate how modes of architectural production are operative parts of the same project that has historically, and continues to mutate, to produce varying ideas about racial difference. Vanable will present the history of low-moderate income housing in the form of high-rise residential towers that were publicly funded and incentivized, but privately developed and managed.

Graduate Scholar Talks provide Ph.D. candidates preparing to defend their dissertations an opportunity to make a generalist presentation on their research to a cross-disciplinary audience ready to listen carefully and ask good questions. EPIC members help give the Ph.D. students a useful learning experience and at the same time learn about something that may be well beyond their own scholarly interests.

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