New Course Auditing Privileges for Retired Faculty

August 06, 2017

Thanks to a generous arrangement made by the School of Professional Studies, retired officers of instruction who were full-time members of the faculty are now eligible to audit any course at the University if and only if the course instructor gives written authorization for the retiree to do so.

In order to audit a course for the Fall 2017 semester, retired officers must submit the online application by August 28, 2017, and complete registration before the beginning of the semester, i.e., by September 5, 2017.

Retired officers of instruction now have access not only to the existing portfolio of courses available to auditors, they may also obtain permission to enroll in other courses at Columbia.

To audit courses not listed in the existing portfolio, retired faculty must submit an email from the instructor confirming that her/his permission has been given no later than September 5, the first day of classes, before registration for the class can take place.

The existing portfolio of courses available for audit can be viewed in the Directory of Classes by searching for departments beginning with “A”. Auditing is the last department in the list.


Retired Columbia officers of instruction who wish to audit courses in the Fall 2017 semester must first complete an abbreviated online application form.

Retired faculty who have audited courses through the Lifelong Learners program must also complete the new online application form so that the School of Professional Studies may appropriately code their enrollment as eligible for this benefit.

The School of Professional Studies has created a brief step-by-step video tutorial to demonstrate the application process. Be sure to enter the code EPICSPS to waive the application fee.

Please click here for further details about the policy and the registration process.