Alvin Wald

Alvin Wald graduated from The Cooper Union, starting out as an electrical engineer. He soon switched to biomedical engineering, at that time being at the forefront of this new profession. He began this new career at New York University Medical Center, then moved to Columbia-Presbyterian (Irving) Medical Center. He carried out research in the nervous system, cardiovascular system, and respiratory system. He also participated in teaching and patient care activities. As Editor-in-Chief of the "IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine" (Now called “IEEE Pulse”) for sixteen years his goal then and continues to be to expand the profession of biomedical engineering. This publication has the largest worldwide circulation of any general-purpose biomedical engineering periodical, concentrating on both technical and societal aspects of the profession. He went on to found and be the first Editor-in-Chief of “Biomedical Engineering On Line.” Dr. Wald was elected as a Founding Fellow of the American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE).

Last updated April 13, 2020