Harvey A. Hornstein

Harvey A. Hornstein, Professor of Psychology and Education in the Department of Organization and Leadership, received his Ph.D. from TC in 1964 and joined the TC faculty in 1966. He was a Professor for over 30 years, including nine years as Chair of the Division of Psychology and Speech Pathology at Columbia’s Teachers College.

Hornstein's recent scholarly interests have focused on psychological violence in the workplace, factors affecting self-awareness on learning, and the formation of in-group/out-group boundaries.

He is the author of Sympathy, Altruism and Helping (1979), Social Intervention: A Behaviorial Science Approach (1971), Cruelty and Kindness: A New Look at Aggression and Altruism (1976), Managing Human Forces in Organizations (1982), Managerial Courage (1986), A Knight in Shining Armor (1991), Brutal Bosses (1996) and Haves and the Have Nots: The Abuse of Power and Privilege in the Workplace and How to Control It (2002).

In a Fortune magazine review of Brutal Bosses, the reviewer Kenneth Labich says that Hornstein's work is "a disturbing study of managerial abuse" and that the "book effectively documents the spread of some undeniably monstrous behavior."

Besides authoring numerous other publications, Hornstein was on the editorial board of the Journal of Applied Behaviorial Science and a consulting editor of the Journal of Applied Psychology.

He has consulted with executives in 15 countries, in industries including technology, banking, insurance, air travel, chemicals, and entertainment.

Last Updated: April 5, 2021