Nan A. Rothschild

Research Interest

Memory, Museums, and the Archive



Research Sub-interest

Historical Archaeology, Historical Anthropology, Cities, Gender, Race and Ethnicity


North America


An historical archaeologist who works in two distinct regions (New York City and the American Southwest), Rothschild has done fieldwork on the Zuni Reservation (seventeenth to nineteenth century), in the Rio Grande Valley (eighteenth century), and in Manhattan, both in a seventeenth century Dutch Colonial settlement and in a nineteenth century African American and Irish village in what is now Central Park. She has also worked with museum collections. Most of her research concerns the expression of social realities in materiality, focusing on gender, ethnicity, race, space/ place, and social class. Her work has considered urban formations, footways as a particular dimension of material culture, the identification of urban subunits. As an historical archaeologist she combines archival materials, spatial organization, and ethnoarchaeological approaches with traditional archaeological methods.


New York University, Ph.D. in Anthropology, 1975


2019. Coauthor with Dianna diZerega Wall and Meredith B. Linn. "Constructing Identity in Seneca Village." In Archaeology of Identity and Dissonance: Contexts for a Brave New World, edited by Diane F. George and Bernice Kurchin, 157-180. Gainesville: University Press of Florida.

2013. “Maria and Alida, Two Dutch Women in the English Hudson Valley.” In Tales of Gotham: Historical Archaeology, Ethnohistory and Microhistory in New York City, edited by Meta Janowitz and Diane Dallal, 89-104. New York: Springer.

2014. Coauthor with Diana diZerega Wall. The Archaeology of American Cities. Gainesville: University of Florida Press.

2008. “Colonized Bodies: Personal and Social.” In Past Bodies: Body-Centered Research in Archaeology, edited by Dusan Boric and John Robb, 135-144. Oxford: Oxbow Press.

Additional Titles

Museum Anthropology Advisor

Research Professor, Barnard College

Professor Emerita


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