Peter Alan Messeri

Dr. Peter Messeri is a medical sociologist whose focus includes the organization of health care systems, community interventions to promote healthier communities, tobacco control, and the nature of health and social disparities. He has methodological expertise in the conduct of group randomized designs to evaluate interventions at the community and health systems level as well as methods for assessing causal effects for non-experimental studies. Dr. Messeri is the founding principal investigator of CHAIN project that was initiated in 1994. CHAIN is a longitudinal study of people living with HIV in New York City. After his retirement in 2018, he continues as a senior investigator.

Dr. Messeri has had a longtime association with the Truth initiative (Formally the American Legacy Foundation).  Dr. Messeri has been involved in the evaluation of its national anti-smoking campaign (Truth), as well as the evaluation of a multi-state initiative to promote youth empowerment in state and local tobacco control programs.

Other research includes the social ecology of New York City neighborhoods, homelessness and how research evidence informs state legislation on childhood wellbeing.

Dr. Messeri has published numerous articles on social support, delivery of health services, tobacco control, and substance use. He currently teaches an advanced quantitative methods course as well as a first-year social science theory course for doctoral students.

Last updated March 24, 2020