Carole Slade

Positions held at Columbia University   (now retired)

Assistant/Associate Professor, Department of English and Comparative Literature, 1980-89

Director, Teaching Apprentice Program [ENCL], Composition and Survey Courses, 1980-86

Adjunct Associate Professor ENCL, 1990-96

Director/Dean of the Summer Session, 1997-2006

Core lecturer (adjunct ENCL), 2000-13


Volunteer—Community Impact TASC programs

            Coach, writing workshops, 2015 

            Co/director, Core&Community, 2017-



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Edited Books

Introduction, annotations, and revised translation, Don Quixote, by Miguel de Cervantes, trans. Tobias Smollett, 1755. Barnes and Noble, 2004.

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Book Reviews

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Mother’s Legacy, ed. Christopher C. Wilson, Journal of Catholic History (April 2009): 360-62.

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Writing the Research Paper: A Guide and Sourcebook.  (Houghton Mifflin, 1979).  (coauthor with Marsha Hirsch Cummins)


Courses Taught


Basic writing


Composition and literature

Advanced exposition and argumentation

Scholarly writing (research-based writing for graduate students)



Literary Criticism and Theory

Theory of Autobiography

Women's Autobiography

Twentieth-century Fiction (continental, English, Latin American)

Modern European Drama (Georg Büchner to Tom Stoppard)

Visionary Literature (medieval, comparative)

Mystics of Medieval Europe

Early Modern Women Writers

Feminist Theory

The Novels of Virginia Woolf

Literature Humanities (core curriculum)

Contemporary Civilization (core curriculum)

Theory and Practice of Teaching Composition

M.A. Pro-seminars on literary theory


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