First Thursday Graduate Scholar Talks

First Thursday Graduate Scholar Talks take place the first Thursday of each month during the academic year. The talks provide Ph.D. candidates preparing to defend their dissertations an opportunity to make a generalist presentation on their research to a cross-disciplinary audience ready to listen carefully and ask good questions. EPIC members help give the Ph.D. students a useful learning experience and at the same time learn about something that may be well beyond their own scholarly interests.

A sandwich lunch is provided at each event. Please register following the links on our events calendar to ensure an appropriate catering order.

Spring 2020 Graduate Scholar Talks

February 6, 2020: “The Monetary Basis of Bank Supervision”, Lev Menand, JD, Columbia Law School

March 5, 2020: "The Law’s Audiences", David S. Louk, PhD, JD, Columbia Law School

April 2, 2020: "Reclaiming Constitutional Tort Law", Noah Smith-Drelich, JD, Columbia Law School

Fall 2019 Graduate Scholar Talks

October 3, 2019: "Designing Novel Strategies for Next Generation Calcium Channel Blockers", Travis Morgenstern, PhD Candidate, Department of Pharmacology & Molecular Signaling

November 7, 2019: "Improving Care Delivery Systems for Substance Use Disorder, HIV, and Hepatitis C",  Laura Starbird, PhD, Columbia University School of Nursing

December 5, 2019: "How Did Human Musicality Come to Be Thought of as Universal?", Joshua Navon, PhD, Department of Music

Spring 2019 Graduate Scholar Talks

February 7, 2019: "Breaking the Frames of the Past," Daniella Wurst, Department of Latin American and Iberian Cultures

March 7, 2019: "Languages of Descent: Underworlds in Text and Music" Jennifer Gillespie Rhodes, Department of Italian

April 4, 2019: “Under the Paving Stones: Protest and Transformations of State Power in Western Europe, 1968-1985," Luca Provenzano, Department of History

Fall 2018 Graduate Scholar Talks

October 4, 2018: "A New Laser Therapy to Delay the Progression of Osteoarthritis," Krista Durney, Department of Mechanical Engineering

November 1, 2018: "Monstrosity in Fantastic Literature," Irene Bulla, Department of Italian

December 6, 2018: "Marcel Proust and the Mass Press," Max McGuinness, Department of French and Romance Philology